Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Troso de Res En Chile Rojo (Beef in Red Chili Sauce)

This dish is so good. The red sauce used in this sauce is used in many other Mexican dishes like "Chilaquiles" and you can cook other meats beside beef in this sauce, chunks of pork go really well with it to. The sauce can also be used to make AUTHENTIC (not the Americanized) Enchiladas (more details on that when I post an authentic Enchilada recipe).

Ingredients for Sauce
-6 dried "Chile Guajillos" (if you want it spicy) or 6 dried "Chile California" (if you want it really mild or not spicy at all)
-4 roma tomatoes
-2 cloves garlic peeled
-About 1 teaspoon salt
-1 teaspoon ground cumin
-½ teaspoon ground cloves or you can grind them in a spice grinder
-1 teaspoon black pepper ground

Ingredients for the rest
-1 ½ pound of thick TENDER cubed beef (I usually use BEEF STEW MEAT aka "TROSO DE RES" (the one you use for the CALDOS OR STEWS)
-Salt and black pepper to taste
onion finely minced

Directions for sauce:
(1)Cut the tops of the dried chilies, open in half and remove seeds and veins.

(2)Put dried chilies in a small pot along with tomatoes and salt. Cover with enough water to submerge a little not a lot. Bring to a boil for 10 minutes then let it rest 20 minutes in water.

(3)Put the boiled stuff along with the liquid in a blender along with 2 cloves garlic and blend until liquefied.

(4)Strain it through a strainer and press and move the strained content to try to get as much sauce out of it as possible you can even add a little water to the strained stuff to get the most you can through.

(5)Add the cumin, cloves, and pepper then set aside.

Directions for the rest:
(1)Heat oil on high in a deep sauce pan. Add the cubed beef and season with salt and pepper. Brown on all sides if possible.

(2)When the meat releases it's juices let it reduce until the juice is almost gone and reduces. Add the minced onion until onion is translucent and fragrant. Leave on high.

(3)Then add the sauce mixture bring to a boil for about 5-10 minutes until it starts to thicken a bit, taste to see if it needs more salt, if so add more salt if not leave the same. You can eat it now if you like or cover and simmer until the beef is as tender as you like (up to 1 1/2- 2 hrs your choice more or less)

(4)Turn of heat and your done

Note: Goes good with rice or tortillas along with refried or just regular beans. If you used "Chile California" which is not spicy I would accompany with a spicy sauce


Anonymous said...

omg this looks so good

Nathan said...

Thanks try it out and tell me what you think :)

Anonymous said...

Very good thank you only that it didn't come out as spicy as i thought so i added boiled chiles de arbol.

Anonymous said...

Made this last night and it was perfect! This I my 4th recipe ive stolen from you and one hasn't disappointed me. I love trying new flavors and this definitely tastes authentic.

Nathan said...

Glad it worked out, and yes chile de arbol is a great way to add heat to these types of red sauces, some people like to use "Chile Puya" if it's available as well for heat, yet gives a citrusy taste.

Glad it worked out :) Buen Provecho! :)

Anonymous said...

I made this last night and (with your advice) added chiles de arbol to add some heat. This is unbelievably good! My husband LOVED it :) I can't wait to try more recipes!

Anonymous said...

Going to make this tonight

Anonymous said...

I have chile japoneses is that a different flavor

Nathan said...

Chile Japones is pretty spicy, so you could add a few with the addition of chile guajillo or chile california. However I do not suggest making the sauce with only chile japones's unless you want a fiery dish (me and my mother actually cook some meats simmered in fiery salsa made from chile japones but that's for another post ;-)

Micaela's Accessories said...

If I want to use this red sauce recipe for tamales, should I add onion to the sauce?

gentlehands said...

Love the spice! Perfect!!!

Unknown said...

I will try this tomorrow for a birthday party! Wish me luck