Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Frijoles Fritos Con Chile Negro o Chile Guajillo (Refried Beans with Black Chile or Guajillo Chili)

There are many way's to do refried beans. You can simply heat oil and directly add cooked beans, you can sautee onion before adding the beans, or you can sautee whatever type of dry chilies you like.
Depending on the choice of fat you use the flavor can be slightly altered. Lard will give it a slight velvety porky hint. Brown lard will make it taste like fried pork rinds. Corn oil will give it a greasy pasty feel. Olive Oil will make it complex and deep.
Here I fry them with "Chile Negro" you can use your favorite dry chilies but "Chile Negro" has a really good smoked flavor.
Also in defense of LARD guess what LARD has less saturated fat than butter. Butter has 7 grams Lard has 5 grams. Also lard has more monounsaturated fat than butter.
Also there are many old people in Mexico that grew of lard and they are healthy.
May I add LARD is WAY BETTER and healthier than CRISCO and all those HYDROGENATED and PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED Margarines becasue those harbor trans-fat. Hmm what else DO NOT BUY a HYDROGENATED LARD that is really bad for you. Look for a lard that doesnt have the word "hydrogenated" on it. Hmm what else in defense of lard, lard has the same amount of calories as any other cooking oil and is very stable at high heat. Look at me Im FREAKEN THIN AND NOT FAT and I occasionally eat animal fats, and Im healthy. END OF STORY Natural good quality fats aren't bad for you go do some research.

-4 cups cooked pinto beans (pinto beans that have been boiled 2 hours with garlic cloves and half an onion and when just about done boiling)
-2 large dried "Chile Negro" peppers or Guajillo
-2 tablespoons lard or bacon grease or brown lard aka "Manteca Morena" (the brown lard is so flavorful it is brown because lots of pork rinds and meats have been fried over and over in it and then it is sold when they are done using it and it taste AWESOME)
(you may use regular cooking oil if your paranoid but it won't taste the same the lard gives it a velvety texture and a slight porky flavor)

-Heat your choice of fat in a pan on medium low then add dried chilies and sautee until oil is infused and fragrant.
-Add beans and bring to a boil on medium low still
-Mash beans with the bottom of a cup or a masher until desired consistency.
-Stir to reduce to your liking and until chili's are soft and moist.
-Turn of heat you done.

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