Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tostadas de Pollo (Chicken “Tostadas”)

Again tostadas are lightly fried corn tortillas that are firm and crisp. Used commonly to spread things on it and for being topped with cold Mexican dishes with veggies or whatever.
This recipe is simple, very refreshing, addicting, perfect for summer.
I will show you the toppings and the order to add them to make a wonderful "Tostada de Pollo"

-Tostadas (about 15 or more I don't know)
-1 Whole Roasted or cooked Chicken (any way you'd like), skin removed and shredded
-2-4 cups Pinto Beans about 4 cups cooked (by boiling in water for 1-2 hours with ½ onion and 6 garlic cloves, salted towards the end)
This is usually done with leftover beans. You blend them in the blender to a smooth consistency after cooked. Heat lard or oil in a pan, add some minced onion and add the liquefied beans and fry them a bit. Remove and put in a bowl, let cool. This is suppose to be VERY loose consistency not thick.
-1 cup Mexican Cream or Sour Cream (dilute with some milk and mix well to make it smooth and somewhat loose but not to loose . Just for it to be like a thick stew something like that. Set aside in a bowl)
-½- 1 pound Fresh Cheese (a fresh Mexican cows milk cheese crumbled with your hands put in a bowl)
-1 bowl filled with thinly sliced/ shredded Romaine or Ice Berg Lettuce set aside
-1 bowl filled with finely chopped cubed tomato set aside
-1 bowl finely chopped cubed onions tossed with about 2-3 teaspoons dried oregano set aside
-1 small bowl of any kind of "Mexican" spicy sauce ANY WILL DO (I use a homemade Chile de Arbol Sauce)
-Salt shaker
-Prepared Guacamole (the very simple kind with just lime and salt mashed up) OPTIONAL

(1)Put a thin layer of liquified fried beans

(2)Put a thin layer of shredded chicken

(3)Sprinkle a little lettuce to make a thin bed

(4)Sprinkle some tomato

(5)Spriknle some chopped onion dried oregano mixture

(6)Sprinkle a little salt
(7)Sprinkle some fresh crumbled cheese

(8)Drizzle some Mexican Cream

(9)Drizzle some hot sauce to taste.

(10)A dallop of guacamole in the center (optional I didn't do it to mine I forgot to)

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