Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Gonna Blog For a Couple Weeks Maybe

Hello this is Nathan again, my personal home computer is at some place for repair, so I won't be able to upload photos and post recipes, although I am taking photos and cooking still (so whenever I get my computer back about 2-3 weeks I'll start posting and have some treats)

Short story, my microsoft internet explorer stopped working (so I was using Firefox) but I am currently taking some Computer Science class and that class is only compatible with microsoft internet explorer, so I had warranty on my computer for anything so I simply took it and told them to fix it for me (I tried to fix it on my own but unsuccessful it must be some simple problem maybe with the settings but I still couldn't figure it out)


I am writing this from my computer science lab right now, I really should be paying attention in class...

OH YEAH! If I'm lucky or up for the mood, patient, and have time I'll just deal with my dad's SLOW computer and use that to save my photos and keep posting until I get mine back.

Just wanted to keep my reader's informed :)