Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sad Update/ Broken Camera

OK so my wrist is finally healed after breaking it when I went snowboarding with some friends at Big Bear (well the healing part is wonderful news) however I know it's caused me to neglect my blog for sometime and not really post much because I haven't been cooking much (mom's been in charge of the kitchen and the food is just as delicious lol.)

However my camera is pretty much broken :/ I took it out last week a night on the town, and well someone in the car must've somehow stepped on it or sat on it because the screen is completely messed up, like the display is all warped up and cracked... it can still take photos and upload them but I can't see what I'm taking a photo of, and yeah.

I'll buy a new one when I have time, and my dad isn't letting me borrow his...

Anyways luckily I have some old photos of stuff I cooked previously that never made it here :) One of them the Canary Islands version of "Ropa Vieja" (shredded meat stew) which is different than the Cuban version, and the other is a short-cut improvised "Potaje de Garbanzos" (Chickpea Stew) I made with my grandma that was very delicious, oooh and another "Empanada Gallega" (Galician Meat Pie) :)

So stay tuned, and those will have to do until I have time to buy a new camera :)