Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tostadas (Fried Round Corn Tortilla)

Most people buy it already made. Almost no one does it at home. But I do, it's just better to me at home and healthier to. I don't want no preservative laden, fried in dirty re-used oil, etc. tostadas. But of course sometimes I'm guilty of eating pre-packaged one's.
Tostadas are used to add toppings to. Common ones are cold seafood dishes like "Ceviche" and "Ensalada de Jaiva" or "Carne Apache" it can be used to spread or scoop certain dips like Guacamole or refried beans, etc.

-Corn tortillas

-Oil to deep or pan-fry

-salt to dust/ sprinkle.

-Fill a small pan half-way with oil. Heat on medium high. Check if it's hot enough by dropping a piece of the tortilla in if it sizzles and bubbles it's ready. Be patient oil takes like 5- 8 minutes to heat up in large amounts. You can test it with a wooden spoon.
-Put 1 tortilla in and swish it around until it turns golden on one side then flip and do the same.

-Take out salt it lightly and repeat.

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