Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Agua de Melon Chino (Cantaloupe Fruit Drink)

All these fruit based Mexican drinks are prepared the same way except you sub the fruit you want to feature.
Same procedure might be redundant to write down but hey you never know.
I don't know why the Spanish speaking world calls "Cantaloupe" "Melon Chino" which would translate to "Melon Chinese" or "Chinese Melon"
If anybody know please tell me I'm curious and like to know all these little factoids.

- 1 medium cantaloupe (cleaned, peeled and cubed)
-Water (enough to dilute to desire and blend)
-Sugar to taste (typically we use ¼ cup)

-Blend everything in a blender. Maybe in batches depends.
-Put in a pitcher with ice and cool in the fridge.

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