Friday, November 11, 2011

Huevos Con Chile (Eggs in Spicy Sauce)

Huevos con Chile, is usually scrambled eggs simmered in any type of spicy sauce that's based on chile peppers. (The sauce can vary greatly just use your favorite smooth spicy red or green or whatever salsa) my mother usually always has a glass bowl, or glass container filled with some sort of spicy salsa (usually tomato or tomatillo based, blended with certain types of chiles, garlic, onion etc.) we use this to prepare eggs in the morning, or to cook meats, etc. or as a condiment.

In Mexican Cuisine there's TONS of ways to prepare eggs. A lot of variations on scrambled eggs, different style's to serve them, etc. breakfast is typically some preparation of scrambled and or sauteed eggs that can be combined with an array of things, served on it's own with tortillas is the simplest way to serve. They can be accompanied by any combination of certain cheeses, creams, salsas or other sauces, refried beans, boiled beans, etc. and any beverage can be enjoyed (usually milk, coffee, shakes)

But that's not to say that's the only way breakfast is enjoyed, American style breakfast are popular (cereal, pancakes, waffles, etc.) or even more Spanish/ European style of breakfast as well (pastries and other sweets) served with coffee. It really all depends on preferance. It can be very varied.

At home I pretty much grew up eating all of the mentioned above, as well as the simple "fried eggs with rice", or Spanish potato omelettes (Tortilla Espanola) very common among Cubans.

Anyways back to this, my mother would usually make breakfast, so the breakfast I'm more used to is the typical Mexican breakfast of eggs prepared in a variety of ways with all the mentioned above. I tend to eat beans, eggs prepared someway, and tortilla in the morning, not only because it's delicious, but because it's super filling, nutritious, and on day's that I'm busy it's the only big strong meal I'll get (specially those day's that I'm in school all day)


-1/4 of a big onion, finely minced
-4 eggs
-dash of milk
-salt to taste
-fresh ground black pepper
-1 cup homemade spicy salsa (see posts for some of these recipe click on link for Salsa de Chile Habanero, Salsa de Chile de Arbol, Salsa de Chile Verde, or any other spicy smooth thick salsa you like)

(1) Heat oil in a medium sized pan (about 2 tablespoons more or less) over medium high heat, when oil is hot add minced onions, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and sautee until slightly browned on the edges and caramelized)
(2) Meanwhile beat eggs with a dash or milk, and a couple pinches of salt, set aside.

(3) When onions have become slightly browned on the edges (not all of them just you know cooked),
add beaten eggs, stir in, and allow to cook (like making scrambled eggs)
(4) When eggs are cooked, add the salsa,
bring to a boil, gently fold or destribute it, if it seems too thick add a little bit of water (I usually add 1/2 cup depending how thick or thin you want the sauce). Bring to a boil for 3-5 minutes to allow flavors to infuse.
(5) Turn off heat, if you want to add some freshness add minced cilantro if not that's okay.
(6) You can serve it with corn tortillas, in a shallow bowl and it's ready to eat. You can enjoy it with other sides if you want to, like beans, or refried beans, sour cream, sometype of cheese it's up to you. Any beverage works too, coffee, milk, tea, shakes whatever you like in the morning.
*This can be extremely spicy for some people if your not used to eating chile peppers and stuff like that. So prepare with caution ha ha.
*For those who know what "Salsa Pato" is (it's a type of canned spicy chile sauce sold in a can, think of it as spicy canned tomato sauce), if you'd like you could use 1 can of salsa pato, with 1 can of water to prepare it, it will be very very delicious like that as well.