Tuesday, July 15, 2008

“Fresas Con Crema” (Strawberries with Cream)

This is commonly seen/ sold at the Hispanic grocery stores with creameries. They are priced by weight.
I LOVE this (well it seems I love everything)
Please make sure you use a "Mexican Cream" that is UNSALTED. If you live in Southern California you'll be able to find that cream in any Hispanic store such as "Vallarta" or "El Super"
If for some reason unknown you can't get use regular sour cream but I wouldn't
Everything is eyeballed if you can't figure this simple thing out then there's something wrong.

-Fresh strawberries. Tops removed and sliced in 3 each.
-Unsalted Mexican Cream ("Crema Mexicana sin sal")
-Sugar to taste or "Lechera" (aka sweetened condensed milk) to taste (I use sugar most people do)

-Put strawberries in a bowl
-Top with the Mexican cream
-Put sugar to taste over it

-Then stir it all together until incorporated, I like to stir it until the cream gets a slight pink coloring from the strawberries (because Im weird like that)


Anonymous said...

I am so gonna try this I am craving some Fresas Con Crema so bad....! :)

Unknown said...

On my way to the store (: