Monday, July 14, 2008

Pudding de Platano (Plantain Bread Pudding)

Okay this is NOT MEXICAN, CUBAN, or SPANISH but it's still VERY TASTY! I am assuming the recipe is Salvadorian because a elderly Salvadorian friend came to our house today and taught us how to make it (we been asking her for it)
It is a tasty bread pudding done with OVERLY RIPE black PLANTAINS… NOT BANANAS! DON'T YOU DARE USE BANANAS! (Well you could if you have no choice but it will NEVER COMPARE!)
We made a large amount you can cut the recipe in half and use a smaller baking dish this produced 2 pans but they weren't filled all the way. Because the lady teaching us doesnt like her bread pudding thick she say's she likes the pudding more "more flat" but you could easily fit it into 1 large pan. It will rise but then lower after cooking and cooling.
The Cuban in me made me love this dish I mean who doesn't like PLANTAINS, yet another way to prepare my favorite fruit, so versatile, so wonderful.

-8 Bolillos (or you can use a LARGE loaf of French bread or Cuban Bread or any other crusty bread. Heck you could even use American white bread or for the HEALTH CONSCIENCE any whole wheat bread)
-Milk (enough to soak bread)
-6 ripe black plantains (I call them DEAD RIPE PLANTAINS)
-1 tsp. salt
-1-2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
-1-2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract (the real deal)
-More Milk (to help blend plantains with other stuff in the blender)
-3 LARGE Eggs. (if cutting the recipe in half just use 2)
-2 cups DARK BROWN SUGAR or "PILONCILLO" (if using Piloncillo break it up and throw it in the blender with the stuff your gonna have to blend later)
-1 Cup Butter or Margarine or ¾- 1 cup Oil

(1)Tear bread into small cubed with hand but don't press just tear. Pour enough milk while mixing with hands just to soak YOU DO NOT WANT IT SWIMMING IN MILK. Let it rest atleast 20-30 minutes in the fridge.

(2)In a blender blend Plantains with some milk (enough to blend), the sugar, cinnamon, salt, eggs, and vanilla extract. It has to be like a velvety kinda thick batter not to lose. Basically you blend all ingredients with the EXCEPTION of BUTTER and SOAKED BREAD

(3)Mix blended stuff into soaked bread stirring well. Break bread with hand kinda into a lumpy paste.

(4)Pre-heat oven to 350 and grease some baking dishes. Pour the batter into each dish filling it about ½ to ¾ of the way.

(5)Bake in oven from anywhere from 1-2 hours until golden. Check it. To Check if done stab it with a knife and if the knife comes out clean without liquids then it is DONE.

(6)Let it cool, because when it is hot it is WAY TO SOFT and breaks easily and doesn't hold a great shape. Eat it at room temperature if desired. This taste REALLY good COLD to with a glass of milk or coffee. (I like it with strong dark espresso like Cuban coffee)


Anonymous said...

this looks great. i had a slice of bread pudding w/platanos at a cuban restaurant and went in search on line. i would like to make for my nicoya mom who enjoyed it very much too. i found your site and think its very cool. thank you for the photos and step by step help.

Nathan said...

Thanks for the encouraging comment :)By the way what is a "nicoya"?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I made the Salvadoran Tamales and shared them with all my friends. BIG hit. My friend later ordered them at an authentic (albeit Mexican) restaurant and said your recipe was better. Props!

But what do you do with the butter/oil in this recipe for the plantain pudding?

Nathan said...

I apologize for not being careful when writing the recipe, go ahead and blend the oil/ butter in the recipe together with the plantains, i'm not sure what I was thinking hehe, oh and do grease the baking dishes :)

Glad you enjoyed the Salvadoran tamales and so did your friend :)