Monday, July 14, 2008

Enfrijoladas (Another Breakfast Tortilla Based Dish)

This is basically cold refridgerated corn-tortillas simmered quickly in a bean broth (from leftover coooked pinto-beans in a generous amount of liquid), filled with fresh Mexican Cheese or refried beans, rolled up a little bit of broth ladled over and topped with a mixture of fresh cheese, minced onion and oregano.
Very fast, simple. No pictures I was in a hurry on Saturday which is when I made this for breakfast. Not my favorite dish but a good filling breakfast.
Not even sure if worth posting since it's such a simple home-style dish that a lot of people not familiar with this type of food would make but anyways here goes.

-Tortillas (depends how many ppl your serving and how much you eat)
-Left over pinto beans in its broth (boiled 2 hrs. with ½ onion 3 clove garlic and generous amount of liquid salted towards end)
-For filling some refried beans or simply the beans in the broth OR some Fresh Crumbled Mexican Cheese
Topping (Mix the following 3 ingredients)
-½-1 lbs. fresh Mexican Cheese or less crumbled finely
-½ onion minced
-1-2 tsp, dried crumbled oregano

(1)In a pan heat leftover pinto beans along with a generous amount of the bean broth bring to a boil then lower to medium
(2)Place the tortilla in their for about 30 seconds until flexable.
(3)Put on a plate fill with refried beans or crumbled fresh Mexican cheese or whole pinto beans from the broth.
(4)Roll it up
(5)Top with the topping.


Anonymous said...

In Oaxaca enfrijoladas are made with black beans with white onion slices and queso fresca on top. Dried avocado leaves are added to the beans as they cook to give that hint-of-anise flavor. Here in Canada I use cow feta with enfrijoladas.

Nathan said...

Hola Anonymous,
Thanks for visiting my blog, I love enfrijoladas, and yes the black bean ones are a treat :)

Best Regards,