Monday, July 14, 2008

Mojo de Ajo (Cuban Garlic Lime Sauce)

A very sour acidic sauce, extremely garlicky and pungent, not for everyone but we love it and many Cubans do to :)


1)Juice of 4 fresh juicy limes
2) 12-14 cloves of Garlic Cloves
3)1/4 cup olive oil
4) salt to taste about a good tablespoon or less.
5)1 teaspoon dried oregano (optional)
6)Thinly sliced julienned or minced onion (optional I didnt use it)

1)Mince and crush garlic or use a garlic press or a "mortar and pestle" with oregano (optional) and salt (that's what I did) add lime juice. Add minced onion (if using)

2)Heat extra- virgin olive oil til it nealry smokes then pour it into the lime juice garlic mix.

3)Sauce is done.

NOTE:This sauce is poured over sliced veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, avocados, and fire roasted bell pepper, and raw thinly sliced onions.

You can use it to marinade meat and roast it but add more or less oregano and crush peppercorns and use less oil and also add some sliced onions. Or marinade and pan fry.

Steamed plantains ripe or unripe and top with sauce.

Boil yuca, malanga, boniato, or ñame and pour sauce over


Anonymous said...

I'm part mexican and my husband is cuban, and I simply cannot resist cuban food, it is so delicious and savory! I love yuca con mojo, but we prepare it with oil, garlic and lemon or lime juice only. Thanks for the recipe!

Nathan said...

In my house we typically do it with just garlic, lime, salt, and oil to.

Just sometimes I feel like adding stuff to it. But the other stuff it optional.

Glad you enjoyed the recipe :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I live in Miami & love going to Cuban restaurants but always wanted to know this recipe. Tastes authentic :)