Monday, July 14, 2008

Calabasitas Con Queso (Squash stuffed with Cheese)

Calabasitas Con Queso (Squash stuffed with Cheese)Calabasitas Con Queso is made with "Mexican Squash" or "Italian Squash"
This dish is basically a squash stuffed with cheese, battered, deep-fried, simmered in a tomato based sauce.
-6 Mexican Squashes or 3 large Italian Squash cut in 2 to make them smaller.
-3/4 pound of fresh Mexican Fresh Cheese "Queso Fresco"
-Flour to dust
-4 large Eggs (whites and yolk separated)
-1 tsp. Garlic Powder
-1 tsp. black ground pepper
-1-2 tsp. salt
-4 tomatoes
-2 cloves peeled garlic
-Water (enough to dilute tomato a bit not tooo much)
-1 tbsp. Chicken Bouillon
-1-2 tsp. black ground pepper
-2 tsp. dried oregano crumbled
-½ Onion minced
-½- 1 cup chopped cilantro

(1)Remove tops and bottoms of Squash. In the largest side carve and dig up a hole with a knife and scraping out.

(2)Peel the Squashes but leave some lines of green

(3)Stuff with cheese, dust with flour set aside.

(4)Make egg batter by beating egg whites until they peak kinda like meringue and phoam up, add back egg yolks and beat, season with garlic powder, salt, and pepper.
(5)Dip squashes in batter, pan-fry on both sides, spooning over some oil until poofed and golden, with left over batter mix in crumbled fresh cheese and pan fry like little pancakes and set aside everything.

(6)In a blender liquify4 whole tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, bouillon and some water.
(7)Sautee minced onions in a deep pan until translucent and fragrant, pour in blender contents, season with salt (if necessary) and pepper add oregano, bring to a boil then add the deep-fried squashes and leftover fried batter/cheese mix.

(8)Cover and simmer for 10 minutes until squash is tender.
(9)Turn off heat, garnish with cilantro


Anonymous said...

Nathan, Thank you for the recipe, I was not sure what kind of cheese to use and your pix were excellent. I wish more cooks were as detail as you. I have you on my favorite bookmarks. I am sure I will be looking you up for more tip. Keep up the good work and best regards. Ana:-)

Nathan said...

Thanks Ana, I just read your comment, haven't surfed through older posts in awhile. Hope you enjoy and you can always ask me any questions if something is unclear.