Sunday, February 1, 2009

Boniato Con Mojo (Cuban White Sweet Potato with Garlic Citrus Sauce)

Yet another one of the simple Cuban "Mojo" type dishes. The Mojo de Ajo (garlic citrus sauce) is consumed with a variety of things, we love it especially on starchy tubers like Yuca, Malanga, Ñame, and even Boniato.

Here I will show you what it's like with Boniato. If you can't find "Boniato" any firm WHITE FLESHED sweet potato will be fine. BUT DO NOT TRY TO SUBSTITUTE IT FOR REGULAR ORANGE FLESHED OR PURPLE FLESHED SWEET POTATOES! It will not have the right taste or texture and is just a big no-no.

Just skip it if you can't get white fleshed sweet potatoes (which when steamed or boiled become a light yellowish color)

Main Ingredients:
-Boniato (as much as you wanna make I made 1 pound)
-water to boil Boniato
-salt to salt Boniato's water

Serve with:
-Mojo de Ajo

(1)Wash and clean Boniatos, trim of any bad parts if it has any at all (mine was sitting in the fridge for awhile so yeah...) Now place in a pot with enough water to cover completely and salt (or it will discolor) now bring to boil on high cover bring to medium heat and boil until tender about 30 minutes or more. Check with a knife if tender if it can go through fine it's done.

(2)When ready to serve drain, peel and serve with mojo

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Other recipe with "Boniato":


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Karen Brown Letarte said...

Ooooooh, I am so excited-- I JUST bought a boniato at the market on Sat. to experiment with and now I know what to do with it! Thanks for sharing, Nathan!

Nathan said...

Karen Brown Letarte,
Glad I could help :) I made the Boniato like that so it would feel "healthy" (you know with all the garlic, olive oil, lime and it was boiled so yeah) but my favorite way to consume any variety of sweet potatoes (except the purple fleshed yams Filipino's call "ube") is in a heavy cane sugar syrup infused with cinnamon. I have the post for it here:

I forgot to add on my post this really simple recipe you can make with Boniato it's "Boniato Frito" this one is okay to use orange fleshed sweet potato in case someone doesn't have "Boniato":

Karen Brown Letarte said...

Nathan, thanks so much for the links to your other recipes! I really enjoy cooking new things.

BTW, my porkchops, moros y cristianos and plantains turned out great! One of the plantains was a little woody in some spots, but mostly they were sweet and good. I sliced some of them a little too thin, I will have to do a better job next time. I will post my photos soon! The moros y cristianos are SO GOOD! :)

Núria said...

Our boniatos here are orange inside and I never cooked them before. I always buy a couple for El día de todos los Santos and La Castañada and never bake/cook them... maybe I should stop buying them or start cooking/baking them. ;D

Nathan said...

I love the orange fleshed ones to, Nuria don't get rid of them they are so good for you! The orange fleshed one's are chock full of vitamin A and antioxidants, fiber all that good stuff and on the bonus side they taste good.

The easiest way to prepare them is run them with oil, wrap in aluminum foil and bake at 400 degrees for about 1 hour so, to check for doneness just stab with a knife.

Plain baked like that with a little butter they are very good.

Of course sinful me loves them in syrup, when in syrup I eat it as dessert or have them as a night time snack with milk, like I'll put some in a bowl with some cold milk an enjoy it like that.