Saturday, July 19, 2008

Col Con Mojo (Cabbage Smothered in Garlic Lime Sauce)

"Mojo de Ajo" a really sour, garlicky sauce in Cuban cuisine used for a variety of foods, to smother different types of starchy tubers, salads, and steamed vegetables etc. There's different kinds of "Mojo's" mainly "Mojo Criollo" and "Mojo de Ajo" and many marinades for meats in Cuban cooking are super similar or identical to Mojo sauces.

This is a quick ,HEALTHY, Cuban vegetable side dish.

- Make "Mojo de Ajo" while the cabbage steams here is the link:

-1 whole Cabbage cut into 4, 6, or 7 large segments (I cut it into 4 pieces because we love huge servings of this in my house)

-A little water enough to cover 1-2 inches of cabbage

(1)Cut cabbage in half directly from the hard stem, then cut those halves in half (make sure they all have the hard stem so it can hold it's shape) you may cut those halves in half if you want smaller servings.

(2)Re-arrange cabbage in pot like a puzzle, add water enough to cover 1-2 inches of cabbage.

(3)Cover and bring to a boil on high, then lower to medium low for about 20-30 minutes

(4)When cabbage is done, arrange each slice one by one make sure you individually smother each chunk with mojo de ajo.

(5)Serve with large bowl of Mojo de Ajo on the tabel for those that want to smother more on it.


Rusty said...

All your recipes look so good and accessible. You do a great job with the photographs and your kitchen looks like my grandmother's did. I'm glad you sent me a message so I found your blog.

Nathan said...

I'm glad you like it, later today I will post my grandmothers "Picadillo Salteado Con Papas" (Cuban Beef Hash with Fried Potatos)

As well as her classical Cuban Black Bean soup.

Lyra said...

Nathan, this sounds really good. My boyfriend and his family aren't big fans of vegetables, and they claim that this is a Cuban thing, which I do not believe, so it is nice to see some Cuban food with vegetables featured as the main ingredient!

Nathan said...


Well in general most Cubans don't eat as many vegetables as they could, like there is no emphasis on vegetables in the cuisine.
In cuban food there is raw salads though, and many enjoy simple raw salads.
Like common salads is a salad of sliced cucumber, tomato, and thinly sliced onions topped with mojo or lime and salt.
Also just sliced avocado with salt on its own with rice or whatever they are eating.
Well any type of raw salad will complement a Cuban meal nicely.
Oh and my grandmother makes a salad of fire roasted, peeled bell peppers cut into long segments tossed in "Mojo de Ajo"
Aside from that Cubans get some vegetable intake from there regular foods because they use lots of bell peppers, onions, and garlic. Also in my house if we make a steak or something we sautee lots of onions in the drippings and have that on the side.
Hmm oh yeah they get some vegetables from stews that have "calabaza", potatoes, carrots and stuff like that.


You can also steam some "Calabaza" just like the cabbage and eat with "Mojo de Ajo"