Monday, March 16, 2009

I Apologize

I apologize to my readers for not being able to post as much as I used to.

It's just I've been more busy with my social life and school, I have had less time to cook and blog and haven't been home as much, but I will try to post atleast once a month or once a week.

Though I may have less posts I hope that people continue to enjoy my posts because I pour my heart into them :) I'll try to post something up this week.

Though I haven't had much time to visit and comment my fellow "foodies" blogs I still check in every now and then.

I'm still upset about not having my computer fixed up, but I will post from another computer.


Mamey said...

Welcome back Nathan! Have you posted any 'pulpeta' recipes yet? Omar

Nathan said...

Nope but the "Pulpeta" recipe from Marta's Cuban American blog (the one called "My Big Fat Cuban Family or something) her recipe for Pulpeta is delicious and I have made it before she's the cook of Babalu blog:

You can look forward to some "Albondigas Fritas", "Frituritas de Bacalao", and a revised version of my grandmas "Ensalada de Brecol" as well as a non-cuban recipe but I'm sure Cubans will love it it's a "Filipino Picadillo" it is so similar but slight alterations but it is delicious to.

I already cooked those I just need time to post them.

Karen Brown Letarte said...

Nathan!! Welcome back!! I'm sorry your computer is still not working, and hope you will have it back soon. Is the filipino picadillo lumpia by any chance?

I've been waiting till you were back in blogland to do more Cuban cooking and especially before using my beautiful chorizos!

:) Karen

Nathan said...

Karen Brown Letarte,
Glad you still came to visit me :) Even though I haven't been blogging I still snoop around lol. life has just been busy and hectic but I've been loving every minute to.

Oh nope the Filipino Picadillo is just like a "Picadillo" (a ground beef hash) I was really shocked at how similar it was to the Cuban one and how it just screamed Spaniard influence.

Hope you enjoy the chorizo's soon and give your family a big ole' hardy Cuban meal :)

Karen Brown Letarte said...

Thank YOU for continuing to visit my blog! I'm drowing in estrogen here, so glad you're back :)