Monday, July 13, 2009

Kreative Blog Award

I recieved this award from Rox's from "Yuca Diaries" she's a fellow Cubanita living in Texas whom loves to cook all sorts of food (I've seen lots of Italian and just inspired recipe with a sprinkle of Cuban here and there plus more), and also Marilyn from "My Cuban Traumas" (wonderful Cuban cooking blog a must see for anyone interested in Cuban cooking). Thank you both for this award :) I appreciate it.

Here are the rules:
1.Thank the person who has given you the award-goes without saying
2.Copy the logo and place it on your blog
3.Link to the person who has nominated you for the award
4.Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
5.Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers
6.Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate
7.Leave a comment on which of the blogs to let them know they have been nominated

7 Kreative foodie Bloggers I love:
1. Masa from Masa Assasin (don't know his name?) he is Cuban Mexican American living in So Cal. His blog features restaurant and eatery reviews, delicious authentic Mexican recipes, a few Cuban recipes (looking forward to more in the future) he is new to the foodie blogosphere so go check out his blog and show him some love :)

2. Karen Brown Letarte from Domestic Muse, blogs about all sorts of food, no boundaries, lots of American food, some fusion, some Cuban, tries everything. Love her retro feel, dialogue, personality and fun give aways.

3. Pilar from "Entre Alacenas y Fogones", Spaniard cooking, some Cuban here and there. Her parents are Cuban of Spanish descent she is Spaniard born this leads to good eats :)

4. Nuria from Spanish Recipes, the name of the blog say's it all, her cooking is Catalan and delicious.

5. Pilar Lechuza from "La Cocina de Lechuza" she doesn't do awards but this is for her anyways, her blog features Spanish cooking from Galicia, Spain, I love her cooking for it's simplicity and freshness she is also in case some didn't know the Queen of Empanadas :D I learned lots from her.

6. UT Man from Overseas Pinoy never really talked to him, never responds to comments, lives somewhere in Singapore, Pinoy abroad? but regardless I can't deny that I love his blog. Very authentic Filipino cooking and I enjoy reading his blog very much. Reminds me of my friend Shantalls mother's cooking.

7. Maangchi from "Cooking Korean Food with Maangchi" I love this lady, her personality, charm, love of food and all. Her blog is very proffesional, forums for her readers, podcasts, even cooking books, she does videos with written recipes below them, very helpful for those looking to recreate delicious Korean food at home, and loves to respond and answer questions from her readers.

7 things about me you may or may not know:
1. I love to cook, I got more into cooking when I lost weight and my Tata (grandmother) moved away it became a way to feel close to her everyday (aside from calling her and visiting her)

2. I did lose 100 lbs. (used to weigh 250 now am about 155), the secret, exercise (lots of cardio), light weights, staying active, eating healthy and balanced mostly low glycemic, the bulk of my diet mostly fruit and vegetables as well as meat, light on the carbs, and everthing in moderation (yes I do indulge in dessert) just plenty of self control.

3. I'm gay, have a boyfriend (Travis I mentioned him on my Basil Seed Drink post), and madly in love (sorry ladies). I was closeted many years, suffered from depression and tormented myself mentally (morals, values, etc. stuff I was brought up with especially religion, etc.) but over time I learned to accept myself and promised to live my life and be happier starting this year and I haven't felt better since though at times my worst enemy comes back which is myself.

4. I am currently a Business major but switching over to Family and Consumer Sciences- Nutrition, Dietitics, and Food Science with a minor in Business Administration Management at California State University Northridge,

5. Unfortunately I live in a small apartment that can get hella hot, fortunately I love living in Southern California and have my own room and a small balcony where I planted some Cachucha Peppers (4 pots), recieved a wonderful Lotus plant as a gift from Travis this weekend.

6. I enjoy the outdoors and nature (camping, hiking, etc.)

7. It sucks that I am a terrible dancer lol. but open to learning more and doing whatever (how embarassing I know having Cuban and Mexican in me I'm suppose to be a godly awesome dancer)


Mamey said...

How are the cachucha plants doing?

Nathan said...

They're doing great. I had planted 4 pots with 3 seeds because some might not make it) Most sprouted, 1 in one pot, 2 in my 2 pots, and 3 in another pot.

I'm soooo excited since I've never cooked with them because I don't know where to get them here.

When they get bigger I can transplant the other one's to other pots.

Whenever they start fruiting I'll have tons since I have 5 pots in Travis's house, and another like 12 seeds got planted at one of my other friends houses.

Funny none of them are Cuban but willing to grow them for me cuz they know I'm such a foodie lol.

I got ahold of 4 lbs. of bitter oranges too, and juiced all of them and froze in 1 cup portions for use whenever I need it. The peels I'm using for making them in syrup.

Mamey said...

Sometimes you can get aji cachucha at Liborio stores in L.A. and Las Vegas. They are great with black or red bean potajes. It's good to have a support team for your baby cachuchas...some plants can be so majaderas.