Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Arañitas de Platano (Shredded Green Plantain Fritters)

Okay I saw this in the Cuban cookbook "Memories of a Cuban Kitchen" and I have also seen this recipe online, it comes up all over the place. I've seen some that add grated ginger or garlic, sometimes both, other's do it plain. Other's infuse the oil with garlic then fry these fritters.

Not sure if this is "Cuban" I don't think it is, I have never seen this in Cuban cooking, maybe it's a Puerto Rican thing? Or other Carribean or African thing? Or heck maybe it's part of that weird "Nouveau Cuban Cuisine" I am not fond of (honestly don't mess with tradition if it's already good).

Whatever it is these fritters are delicious and any Cuban would like them.

Here is how I make them after reading around.

-2 green plantains
-4 cloves garlic
-salt to taste
-oil to pan-fry or deep-fry

(1)Mash garlic to a paste in a mortar with some salt.

(2)Grate the plantains on the medium holes of a grater, when all are grated mix well with garlic

(3)Heat oil on medium high heat until hot, then with a spoon grab some of the shredded plantain mixture, press slightly and slide into the hot oil it will crisp fry until golden brown on each side, carefully turn with a fork or with whatever you can.

(4)Put them to drain on a plate with paper towels or paper bags and sprinkle lightly with salt.

So the ratio I use is for every 1 green plantain I use 2 cloves of garlic.

I served it with some Cuban Sandwiches I made with leftover lechon and a avocado salad, for dessert we had some "Pastelitos de Guayaba" (Guava Strudels), serve with whatever you want.


Anonymous said...

I want these. They look like bitso bitso. Yummy with a light sprinkle of sugar.

Nathan said...

Anonymous (lol. Shan),
Bitso-bitso is not like the "Green Plantain Fritters" silly :) they are more similar to the "Buñuelos" (in the Spanish speaking world it is usually any type of fried dough usually smothered in sugar or syrup.)

Shan tell your mother to teach me to make some! I love anything with coconut and or coconut products in it! :)

You know they remind me more of the "Ukoy" you make with green papaya, shrimp and batter.

Pilar - Lechuza said...

Nathan, que buen aspecto tienen estas arañitas, je,je. Me las comería todas ahora mismito.
Un abrazo y felíz entrada en el año nuevo 2009

Nathan said...

Pilar- Lechuza,
Un feliz año nuevo y abrazo pa'ti tambien :) Todas estas comidas fritas me encantan son una addicion.

Anonymous said...

And a juevos rancheros to you! LOL! Obviously, I know some Spanish words, but don't really speak it, I'm afraid. Went to PR and fell in love with tostones. Wanted to find a different way to cook green plantains, and here it is! Sounds sinfully yummy, and can't wait to try it tonight. Thanks for sharing! Signed, Hungry in FL

Nathan said...

They are real tasty like if u like super crispy this is good :D u can choose to omit or put less garlic if you'd like too :)

Anonymous said...

I like this recipe, but I would add a table spoon of flour and I would try using some bacaloa for an added difference in flavor, mixed into the batter. Thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Love the recipe! thanks for posting. Just an idea I have in mind. I would try mixing in some bacaloa pieces and also, adding a bit of flour (tbs) or so. Making an Arañita bacaloa fritter!

Nathan said...

Aranita Bacalao fritters sound good :)