Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Malta Con Leche Condensada (Malt Sugar Drink with Sweetened Condensed Milk)

The name say's it all. This is a favorite drink among Cuban's of all ages. It is made by combining a fermented malt sugar drink called "Malta" (the brand "Hatuey" is the one most Cuban's consume) with sweetened condensed milk until you get a creamy light golden brown color, it's like drinking a rich, creamy, dense cold bubbly soda that has a very light molasses/ caramel flavor? Hard to describe one must try it.

It's a very sinful, calorie laden, concoction so drink it slowly and savor every second you enjoy of this delicious drink.

My Spanish/ Cuban grandmother loved this concoction she use to drink it "pa'engodar" (meaning to get fat), my grandmother always wanted to gain weight, she said, "Si engordo se me quitan las arrugas po'que se estira la piel unas 20-30 libras me ase bien" translates to "If I gain 20-30 pounds maybe my wrinkles will go away" because the skin would stretch out more ha ha. Though she never gained weight from anything through out her life even now that she's in her 80's.

-1 Malta Hatuey
-1/4- 1/2 can sweetened condensed milk (depends how sweet and creamy you want it)
-ice (in cubes or crushed to make this cold and refreshing)
(1)Get a big tall glass, add the condensed milk you wanna use to the glass, pop open your bottle of Malta and pour it in as you stir to combine. Taste it if you want add more condensed milk. Add some ice and your done simple (or you can add it at the beginning)! There's really no right way to do it.
NOTE: The Malta Hatuey bottles I have are pretty big like 12 oz. you can probably split it between 2 people. I drink the whole thing though, and then the leftover condensed milk in the can I eat it by the spoonfuls ha ha.

INTERESTING STUFF: The Indian "Hatuey" on the Malta bottles was actually a real person he was a Taino Indian who resisted the Spanish rule, and warned the Taino's of Spanish people arriving to Cuba, most thought he was crazy, some joined him and he was able to confine the Spanish conquering Cuba in "Baracoa, Cuba" eventually though he was captured and burned alive on a stake in Yara, Cuba.

Pretty sad story but alt east he still lives on every bottle of Malta ha ha just kidding.


Marilyn said...

Hi Nathan,
Uhmmmm!! soooo good!!!
230 calorias en cada botella de 12 onzas, pero podemos justificar su consumo explicando que tiene alto contenido de vitamina B

Nathan said...

Muy buena justificasion la mia es mas simple. "Sabe bueno, y me encanta como no lo voy tomar?" jeje.

Hilda said...

When I was little I didn't (and still don't)like Malta, so my grandmother used to give me *Leche Condensada with Coca Cola*! It was a beautiful thing!

She used to give it to me to help me "engordar", so after drinking the concoction, she'd make me lie down for what seemed an eternity so as to not burn the calories!

Tuyen Travis said...

Oh man do I feel like a tub of lard after making this at your place. I think it should be revised that the condensed milk should be added first because my concoction was not foamy.

Other then that, muy delicioso!

Nathan said...

Fat ass!!! LOL. j/k. ;)