Sunday, October 19, 2008

Calabaza Con Piloncillo (Winter Squash in Cane Sugar Syrup)

Very simple only about 3-4 ingredients. Winter Squash simmered in cane sugar syrup, sweet, warm comforting, and you'll feel less guilty about the sweetness because the squash is healthy ha ha.

-About 2 pounds winter squash (I used Castilla, Kabucha, Jamaican/ Carribean, or Butternut are good for this)
-1 cup water (no more because the squash releases liquid)
-2 cups dark brown sugar or "unrefined solid cane sugar"
-1-2 stick cinnamon

(1)Place water, pumpkin, sugar, and cinnamon stick into pot, bring water to a screaching boil on high heat covered, now lower heat to medium or medium low simmer for 1 hour then go back, stab pumpkin with fork or knife if tender your done, if you want to make syrup thicker (because it's usaully just a very light syrup but you may make it heavier by letting it boil uncovered until it reduces to desired consistency.
(2)Ta-da simple right you can do this with sweet potatoes instead of pumpkin.
P.S. I'm labeling it as Mexican because Mexicans make these types of stuff often during winter months, but so do some Cubans and my grandmother but for navigation purposes I will label it as such.

I've done it in the rice cooker before using sweet potato you can check my post for that here:

Camote Con Piloncillo


Núria said...

You Americans, can do so many things out of a pumpkin, if we add the Mexican and Cuban influences... Woooowwwwaaaa.
It sounds great Nathan :D

Nathan said...

Yup Pumpkin can be prepared in unlimited way's both sweet and savory. I saw the the Royal joust ingredients. I was thinking of just doing a very simple "Acorn Squash in Cane Sugar Syrup" I would just infuse the syrup with sage leaves, cinnamon, and orange peel but that wouldn't be to creative and it's waayyyyy to easy. Later on I want to post "Frituritas de Calabaza" but that will be probably later in the winter months, or towards end of halloween when squash prices hit low.