Monday, July 28, 2008

Tacos de Papa Con Queso (Cheese and Potato Crispy Tacos)

My mom takes care of an elderly lady, who makes these delicous "Tacos de Papa Con Queso", so my mom learned from her how to make them, and I learned from my mother, even though the lady is Salvadorian I'm pretty sure this is a Mexican dish.

These are delicous corn tortillas, stuffed with a mixture made of smooth potatoes and grated cheese, stuffed and lightly fried to a nice crisp.

These can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner they are all purpose :)

-6 small potatoes
-Equal amount of shredded cheese (any cheese preferably a white colored one, we use "Queso Fresco" (Fresh Mexican Cheeeses), "Queso Ranchero", also "Monterey Jack", and "Queso Blanco" would work well.)
-1/2 teaspoon pepper
-1/2 teaspoon chicken bouillon powder to taste
-1/2 an onion finely grated
-10 corn tortillas
-oil to pan-fry


-Steam and peel the potatoes, by putting in a pot with very little water, bringing to a boil, cover lower heat simmer about 20-40 minutes
-Mash peeled potatoes mix in equal amounts of shredded cheese, season with salt and chicken bouillon. Mix well until kind of like a dough along with grated onion.
-Heat corn tortillas in a griddle, stuff with mixture and fold.
-Heat oil in a pan and lightly fry on each side until golden brown. Put on a plate with paper towels and then serve.
IMPORTANT: There are many side dishes you can choose from to accompany this.
Some sour cream along with any one of the following:

Mexican hot sauces like like "Slsa de Chile de Arbol" or "Salsa de Chile Verde"

Or Guacamole (Mexican Avocado Mash):

Or simply some "Pico de Gallo" simple minced tomato, onion, green chili peppers, cilantro in equal amounts tossed with fresh lime juice and salt:


Núria said...

Que rico!!! I don't like cheese, but I bet any other ingredient would be also great here. Maybe some pork minced meat? Mmmmmm.

Nathan said...

I'm sure almost anything that won't fall out and can maintain it's shape.

Like probably shredded meat...

or you can make the refried Mexican beans as the filling.

By boiling pinto beans with a 1/2 whole onion, and a couple whole garlic cloves until beans are tender, then season with salt.

Heat some lard or bacon grease and sautee minced onions until translucent, add some of the beans (don't add it with lots of liquid) and bring to boiling hotness then mash to paste and stir until reduced and thickened.

You can use those refried beans as the filling and also make it 100% vegetarian by using olive oil instead of lard.

(I'll make those sometime this week or the next with pictorials)