Saturday, July 12, 2008

Guayaba En Almibar

This is a Cuban favorite Guavas cooked in heavy syrup I believe it is to simple for a big recipe.
Simply just boil equal sugar to water with some cinnamon sticks when thickening add guavas (cleaned and ugly parts removed) boil a little longer until it has a light or thick syrupy consistency and serve with cream cheese or sliced "refuge" cheese LOL.
This brings strong memories of my gradnmother who ALWAYS use to give me huge bowls of Guava in syrup with cheese YUM! Of course she just bought the canned one's instead of make it cuz Guavas are kinda expensive and not readily available where I live.
PLEASE NOTE: This can be done with most fruits and stuff like pitted peaches, whole sweet potatoes, winter squashes, etc. I use "Piloncillo" which is a type of unrefined sugar cone or tablet it is dark brown. Other cultures might call it "Panela".

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