Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Horchata + Special Rice Pudding Recipe


Before I begin let me tell you that "Horchata" can be made many ways. There are different version varying among the Spanish speaking countries. In Spain "Horchata" is not made with rice. It is made of a nut called "Chufa" or "Tiger Nut" which is not found in the USA or this side of the hemisphere that I know of and it taste very different from other horchatas Also in Central America some "Horchata's" use certain types of seeds ground into it.
So many versions exist I will show you the Mexican version. Also methods for making "Horchata" vary so please bare with me, this is my way (because it's speedier, my mom's method is almost identical except she actually soaks the whole rice and cinnamon in water for 12 hours or overnight. Then blends it in a blender, then procedes with the rest of the stuff I do)
I HAVE NO PATIENCE LIKE THAT mine only uses 3 hours resting time you'll see why.

-2 Cups Long-grain white rice
-10 cups water
-1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
-1 tablespoon vanilla extract (IM NOT KIDDING USE THE WHOLE TABLESPOON)
-2/3 cup of sugar or more to taste
-1 Cup Milk or 2 Cups Milk (depends how light colored you want it I use one)

(1)Grind in a spice grinder or coffee grinder 2 cups of rice to a powder
(2)In a large pot heat up to a boil 10 cups water. Then turn it off and put it in a pitcher
(3)Beat/ mix in ground rice with hot water. Leave at room temperature for 3 hours or more stirring occasionally the rice will set to the bottom
(4)After 3 hours pass pour about 2/3 or ½ of the water into another pitcher
(5)Blend the other remaining half along with the rice that settled in the water until well incorporated. Now dump back in the pitcher along with the water you set aside
(6)Now using a cheese cloth or a really FINE really tiny strainer pour through it into a pitcher the "Rice water mixture"straining out the rice crumbes, set the rice powder/crumbs aside in a bowl.
(7)Repeat step 6 several times like 4 times atleast
(8)Now add cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla along with milk and beat really well until everything is incorporated.

Special "Arroz Con Leche" Rice Pudding Made from Leftover Horchata Rice Powder
Now you didn't think we would throw away those 2 cups of rice used in the Horchata. Pfff in Mexico lots of people don't waste things. Im not a waster either.
From the leftover strained out rice powder you can make a delicious CREAMY smooth rice pudding.
This is a Mexican dish you won't find at any restaurant you'll find "Arroz Con Leche" but not like this. This is truly a home-style dish.
If you don't make the "Horchata" you can't make this come out good because what is used here is the leftover unusable in a "Horchata"
Think of it as your extra reward for making such a time consuming drink.
It's kind of more like a CREAM OF RICE

-Leftover strained ground rice powder from Horchata recipe. Mixed with about 1 cup water
-3 cups milk
-2 sticks of cinnamon
-½ cup-1 cup white sugar or more to taste or less to taste (adjust to your taste)
-1/3 cup raisins (optional)
-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

-Boil milk with cinnamon sticks until infused. About 5 minutes be careful it doesn't over flow.

-Lower to medium heat and add the ground rice mixed with 1 cup water and stir (IMPORTANT STIR CONSTANTLY SCRAPING THE BOTTOM OF THE POT OR IT WILL STICK EASILY) for about 10 minutes until thick if necessary add more milk to loosen up. Boil until rice has a smooth texture and is not gritty. It will look cooked at some point but taste it, if it is gritty it needs more time it should be smooth.

-Stir in sugar, vanilla extract, and raisins

-Serve in bowls. It taste better when at room temperature to me but it can be enjoyed hot, warm, or cold from the fridge.


Bethany said...

OMG I LOVE horchata! I've always used another recipe, google lola's horchata allrecipes.com and that's the one I've used and it turns out pretty good. I am SO gonna try your atole de avena recipe, I've been craving it for a few days now. I love trying out new recipes ESPECIALLY mexican recipes because my daughters heritage is mexican and I love the food, culture, music, all of it! :) I'm also expanding my interests to food boricuas cook and cubanos too. Major plus: the food is usually healthy and not grease or carb ridden like the american diet is. Keep up the good work!

Nathan said...

Yes I've heard of Lolas horchata haven't tried it yet, but lately i've come up with a simpler way to make horchata i'm going to have to share it soon, since i don't make it like this anymore fersure :)

ikylejm said...

I made some with chufas i grew. It tasted very similar to rice, I was surprised. I've also made horchata out of cantaloupe seeds and salvadorean style with morro and a bunch of other spices. Love your blog.

Nathan said...

Thank you for the visit, I love Salvadorean horchate too! The cantaloupe seeds sounds interesting would love to try it someday :)