Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Favorite Breakfast Sandwich

Very simple, didn't know if it was worth a blog post, but I'll share anyways just in case other's haven't though it :)

I don't have a name for this it's just straight forward ham, egg, and cream cheese sandwich. Or how I usually say it in my home "Sanguise de Jamon Con Huevo y Queso Crema" (yes there's no direct translation I know for sandwich in Spanish, but in my home it's always butchered like that) it is very comforting for me. I remember my mother whipping these for breakfast sometimes, she would pack it sometimes when we had to go somewhere early and I hadn't had breakfast yet so I was able to eat it on the road (better than stopping at Mc Donalds :) It's not the healthiest sandwich or anything like that, but man is it satisfying with a tall glass of milk.

Don't know what to label this as, but I guess I'll call it "American" since breakfast type sandwiches and all other sorts of sandwiches are very common here in the states (at least for me here in Southern Cali there's deli's in almost every Donut shop which is usually at every corner ha ha, as well as these Donut shops are usually owned by Asians and they sell "Boba" drinks but that's another story all together.

Ingredients for 1 sandwich:
-2 slices of your choice of sandwich bread (any white, wheat, etc. I used the Mexican "Bolillo" rolls which are also very common and available fresh daily at the Mexican stores here in Southern Cali, but you use whatever is available to you :)
-2 eggs (beaten with a pinch of salt, and a small splash of whole milk like 1 teaspoon)
-2 slices of ham (I always use regular pork ham thin sliced)
-2-4 tablespoons cream cheese to spread on bread (more or less depends on your tastes and likes)
-1-2 tablespoons butter (I use real butter, if you must you can use margarine or even just use regular oil)
(1)Heat a small pan, add butter, lightly brown the 2 slices of ham on each side, set aside.

(2) In the same pan add a little more butter if necessary, now add your scrambled eggs, and let them cook, every time you see the edges cook gently push them towards the center and tilt the pan to let it he uncooked run to the sides, when it starts sort of cooking like turning a little firmer flip in sections if desired and be gentle, don't overcook eggs, set aside.

(3)Now in same pan, place bread sliced face down and lightly press and let it brown and toast to your liking. Set aside.

(4)Now to assemble, spread cream cheese on both slices, place ham folded on 1 slice, place egg over ham, and cover with other slice, press lightly if desired.

(5)You may cut it in half or leave whole and enjoy with a tall glass of warm or cold milk whatever mood your in.

PLEASE NOTE: We use cream cheese for this in my house, but you can also use in place of cream cheese you can use Mayonnaise, or any variety of sour cream (Mexican unsalted or salted cream, Salvadorian cream, regular American sour cream, etc.)