Friday, December 21, 2012

Enchiladas Suizas (Enchiladas in a Tomatillo Cream Sauce)

"Enchiladas Suizas" is something very new to me. I had seen this style of enchilada presented in cooking videos I subscribe to (cooking videos from people I consider talented and smart Mexican home cooks). The word "Suizas" would throw me off because it means "Swiss" so I decided to do what anyone in this modern age does I "googled it" turns out this style of Enchilada is from  a restaurant called Sanbornes Cafe located in Mexico City.

 It is essentially green enchiladas, except that the green tomatillo sauce used has sour cream incorporated into it. How the name Swiss came to be I have no idea (maybe some versions use Swiss cheese or because it has dairy?). Anyways since I am a huge fan of sour cream and the likes regardless of calories it all worked out (hey I work out enough okay end of story). After seeing other recipes this is my version and adaptation of preparing these enchiladas, I will add some notes on the bottom that may help you customize or tweak the recipe a bit to your liking plus some tips I found helpful...

Oh also I wanted to add that my family LOVED the Enchiladas! So did I, and they were a HIT! At first my mother frowned a bit at the idea of  enchiladas that go in the oven (she's had them in the past but considers them an "American" thing not Mexican, because growing up where my mom was born and raised in Zacapú, Michoacan, Enchiladas are dipped in the sauce green or red or mole or whatever, then lightly fried after dipped in sauce, filled, rolled up, and served fresh hot with queso fresco, lettuce and other delicious toppings... I have that version of enchiladas posted on my blog if interested see recipe for "Enchiladas Estilo Michoacan" ).... however my mom didn't deny that she loved these enchiladas, and it was also practical to just have a big tray of delicious warm enchiladas, and nice to have everyone sitting together as opposed to me or her having to cook the stove top variations at the moment people eat it.
...any who here is the recipe :)

Ingredients for sauce:
-2 lbs tomatillos
-2 serrano chilies (a type of green spicy chili)
-1/2 onion
-1 bunch of cilantro (washed well I use the stems as well)
-2 cloves of garlic
-1 teaspoon chicken bouillon powder
-salt to taste
-ground black pepper to taste
-1/2 teaspoon ground cumin (optional I like the tough it gives it)
-approximately 1 cup of Mexican cream (you can use regular sour cream)
-approximately 4 cups water or chicken stock

Main ingredients:
-24 corn tortillas (NOT FLOUR TORTILLAS)
-1/4 cup more or less cooking oil (to lightly fry tortillas, makes them pliable and stronger so they won't turn mushy in the sauce)

Ingredients for the filling:
-shredded chicken (I used 2 leftover roasted chicken breasts, if you don't have that you can boil some chicken breasts with salt, onion, garlic, cumin, oregano, and pepper with enough water to barely cover, and when tender, cool down, drain and shred the breasts)

-I also made some filling them with refried beans (a good idea for a delicious vegetarian option I have the recipe for refried beans on my blog or feel free to use any other you may like see recipe for "Refried Beans" if your vegetarian or afraid of using lard to prepare them use olive oil or another kind of oil)

 Ingredients for topping:
-shredded white cheese we used Monterrey Jack (I know it's an American type of cheese but it sure as hell is delicious) you can use "Queso Oaxaca" or "Manchego" cheese any really good white melting cheese that you like. The amount you use depends on how much cheese you like, I put enough to cover the enchiladas lightly on top, about 1/2 lb.

Directions for sauce:
(1) If tomatillos are large cut in half, throw them in a pot with chile serrano, and onion. cover with some water (approximately 4 cups) or chicken stock, bring to a boil and let cook on high until tomatillos change color (about 5 minutes)

(2) Now scoop out tomatillos, chilies, and onions and throw them in a blender RESERVE the cooking liquid in a seperate container or bowl you will use it to thin out the sauce and blend as needed, along with spices, raw garlic, and cilantro. Put enough liquid to blend until smooth, then add the sour cream and continue to blend until well incorporated.

(3) Now that your sauce is ready, heat the same pot where you made the sauce until it's really hot, add some oil and when oil is hot add the sauce you blended and let it simmer for 10 minutes so all the flavors mend, then remove from heat, mean while you can do other stuff... I forgot to take pictures of the sauce simmering unfortunately :(

(4) Set sauce aside

Directions for softening tortillas:
(1) Heat a small pan with oil on high heat, and lightly fry each tortilla on both sides just enough for it to puff slightly and make some movement but don't over do it, you just want to soften them, if you over fry them they will turn HARD you do not want that, make sure the oil is hot though and they bubble when you add them in.

... I know this seems REDUNDANT and greasy etc. BUT if you skip this step you will get mushy enchiladas that won't be able to hold their shape, and look not appealing, the frying makes them flexible and prevents them from falling apart and helps maintain texture. You can pat dry them with paper towels after the frying however so it's not so greasy.

... use tongs or a spatula or however you feel comfortable to fry and set aside.

Directions for assembling enchiladas:
(1) Have you fillings ready and on hand, also your softened lightly fried tortillas, and pre- heat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

(2) Get the baking dishes you are using to bake the enchiladas, and put enough sauce on the bottom of the dishes to lightly coat the bottom of the dish.

(3) Put filling in tortilla, and roll like a taquito, here are some pictures to help you.

we made one tray of bean ones and another of chicken ones.

carefully arrange in baking dish, and pour remaining sauce over the enchiladas (I like to lade the sauce over the to coat evenly) top with shredded cheese.

(4) Bake in oven at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes, the only reason to bake them is to melt the cheese, so they don't need to be that long in the oven. They should look like the picture below after baked :)

Use a spatula to serve

We enjoyed them with sour cream, guacamole, a red salsa, and lettuce on the side. Enjoy!

(1) Enchiladas aren't typically "swimming in sauce, they have some sauce, not too much not too little, so if your looking for something swimming in sauce this is not it.

(2) Another way to prepare these is with the same ingredients, BUT you can make these at the moment people are gonna eat them, by simply stuff the lightly fried tortillas when they are hot right away, arranging them on the persons plates and ladling the sauce over, then topping with fresh crumbled cheese since you wouldn't throw it in the oven if you opted for this option.

(3) Don't be afraid to thin out the sauce, it will thicken when it goes in the oven, and tortilla will soak most of it.