Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bolillo Con Cajeta (Bread Roll with "Cajeta")

Again super simple, didn't know if worth a post, even though this is simple and a no brainer it's something some might have not been introduced to or familiar with, so here I will share this humble simple sweet treat I enjoy :)

Cajeta (pronounced ka--ta)
is a thick caramel syrup made from either cow's milk or goats milk. The best and most favored Cajeta among many Mexicans is the one made with goat's milk, sugar, and dry white wine reffered to as "Cajeta Envinada" and somewhere on the bottle it will say 100% goat milk and or it should be the first and ingredient and only type of milk on the label. It is delicious and typically enjoyed spread on a "Bolillo" roll which is the Mexican version of french bread and is medium in size. It is one of my favorite bread for all purpose everything (bread puddings, sandwiches, with food, etc.) The popular brand where I live and in many parts of Mexico is called "CoronadFor any reader's living in area's with stores that cater to Mexicans and other Latino/ Hispanics I suggest you check out "Cajeta" and take advantage of the oppurtinity to enjoy fresh Bolillo rolls (since most stores here have fresh baked Bolillos available constantly) you will sometimes find the "Cajeta" near the creameries or butcheries within the stores.

Ingredients for 1 serving:
-1 Bolillo (if you can't find Bolillo I guess you can use baguette or other soft french bread or variety of white bread you like)
-1/4-1/2 cup cajeta (to spread)

Serve with any 1 of the following:

-hot chocolate
-hot coffee
-glass of cold or warm milk

(1)Cut the bolillo roll in half all the way or not all the way it's your choice, if the bread is not hot and fresh than lightly toast it on a griddle, and press lightly.

Get your cajeta and spread generously as much as you like on both sides or just one. It is your choice. I like cut my bread in half all the way and slather in both sides. Other people like to spread on one side only and use the other side to close it as a sandwich your choice. I'm a glutton I put tons of the sugary caramel syrup on both slices and don;t sandwich so I can fit more caramel sauce ha ha. Plus I leave a spoon with caramel sauce on the side to eat the caramel straight after indulging.

(3)Serve with a glass of cold or warm milk, or if desired accompanied my hot coffee or hot chocolate. This is typically consumed in the morning for breakfast or around night time a bit before going to bed and also it can be consumed anytime of the day as a snack. (I was sinful when I was eating and making this it was almost midnight)

P.S. another way I enjoy Bolillo rolls with sweet fillings is layering sliced ripe banana cut into rounds, then drizzling copious amounts of sweetened condensed milk (Leche Condensada)

Oh yeah and tomorrow I will be posting some time at night or maybe Monday day my mother's "Pozole" recipe (a Mexican stew with lots of cuts of pork and hominy)